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The Golden Rules of Positioning

How important is positioning? Well how do you like working 30% less than the poor shmucks in front of you? How do you like staying rubber side down? How do you like being fresh when the time really comes to push yourself to your limits? Do you enjoy constantly closing gaps and dodging that person at […]

The Weird, Wonderful, World of the Group Ride

This is a guest post written by Matt “Plant Power” Joiner. He is a member of the Marx-Bensdorf Cycling Team, and is the director of both the Rockabilly City Century and the Rockabilly Gran Prix.  An all around good guy who was vegan before being vegan was cool. ———— The young newcomer approaches the school parking […]

5 Signs You’re Ready for Road Racing

Fellow spandex clad, lycra wearing friends. If any of the following 5 points describe you, you guessed it, you’re ready for some road racing. If you get home from a ride and immediately connect your bike computer to check out your data, there’s a good chance you’re ready for road racing. If you love the speed […]