Cycling Arsenal

We’ve assembled a team that can tackle every aspect of cycling performance. Each one of our team members brings years of experience as well as their very own speciality to the table. This ensures you get the most detailed, useful, and applicable information and not some garbage from Joe Shmoe forum coach. Check out our coaches bios and get to know us. We want to get to know you too!

Dale "Quads Malone" Sanford
Co-Founder, Performance Coach
Coach Dale has been an exercise science nut since high school and hasn't stopped loving and living the field of human performance since. He is a USA Cycling Category 2 racer, USA Triathlon All American, certified official and coach, and loves a good post ride IPA. Coach D is a bit of a jack of all trades, but specializes in human movement and will be our main contributor for all things bike fit and technique. He also enjoys wielding a wrench. He's flatted out of more breakaways than anyone in North America, and gets some extra miles chasing his twin girls.

Bryant "B-Fun" Funston
Co-Founder, Performance Coach
Coach B-Fun is an ex Division IA basketball player turned leg shaving lycra lover and cycling coach. As a former NSCA Strength and Conditioning All-American, he's been putting others and himself on podiums since 2 Pac was still alive, and presently races as a USA Cycling Category 1 racer. Bryant is also a certified USAC coach and official, and offers a unique perspective on the finer details of cycling performance. Between himself and Coach Dale, they have a full female basketball team in the making.

Casey "The Katz's Pajamas" Morgan
Coach, RDN, Food Nut, Fueling Guru
Like Coach Dale, Casey comes from a triathlon background, fell in love with road riding, and has used it to make incredible leaps in her bike leg. She races as a USAC Category 4 racer, and is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist by trade. Or educated food nut for short. Casey will be our main contributor for all things nutrition and hydration, and is good with a chef's knife. Like scary good.