Cycling Arsenal

Don’t let the militant context mislead you. We just love to ride and help people reach their cycling goals. Besides, The Cycling Quiver and The Cycling Cornucopia didn’t have quite the same ring to it…

What is The Cycling Arsenal? We are 2 things really.

  1. A Performance Enhancing Community – The Cycling Arsenal is lead by full time industry professionals that have years of experience in all things cycling and triathlon performance. Couple that with a growing membership that houses all types of riding experience, and you have an unbeatable resource for improving all levels of cyclists.
  2. An Affordable Coaching Solution – Our initial goal was to come up with a system that could help riders of any level improve at a price that anyone who owns a bike can swing.

What Makes Up This Awesome Coaching Community?

The Coaches

Our core group has over 30 years of coaching, riding, and racing experience. But from time to time, we will be bringing in experts from all facets of cycling to give the community the latest and most accurate info. You can check the specifics on our team here.

The Community

The CA community is made up of all different ages, experience levels, and riding goals. We’ve got people just getting into cycling, and we’ve got people who race quite a bit. We’ve got moms, dads, and weekend warriors. Full time, part time, stay at home parents, and some folks we aren’t sure they have jobs or families they ride so much. The awesome thing is everyone brings something to the table, and everyone improves from others experiences and knowledge outside of what the coaches provide. Need info on a ride you have coming up? One of the members has probably done it.

The Community Driven Content

This is the essence of The Cycling Arsenal. The coaches are ready to listen to what YOU want to improve, not what we think you need to improve. Once the community speaks, we will go to work creating great and applicable content the rest of the community can benefit from. Together Everyone Attacks Mountains. Or something like that. Regardless, we want to get to know our members and what they want to improve on the most.

The CA Success Path

In our daily lives as cycling coaches, we know that the easiest way to make BIG gains is to make small ones in several areas. So, we prefer to put our hands on every piece to the performance puzzle. That is exactly the approach we will be taking to our content creation, but organizing it in such a way that it guides you from one piece to the next, improving all aspects of your cycling along the way.

What are those pieces to the performance puzzle? Here are just a few:

The Arsenal

The Arsenal is our growing library of online training modules (We call them execution plans or EPs), guides, and training programs that take our community members from their present level through the ranks, to wherever their heart steers them. Even right now we have EPs to improve pedaling efficiency, bike handling, climbing ability, and much more. There are nutrition and hydration guides, guides to help you improve your bike fit, and guides that teach you the nuances if cycling lingo. AND PROGRAMS! We’ve got training programs that focus on all kinds of different improvements. From different distances, to boosting FTP, to becoming a mountain goat and flying up hills.

The great part is, once we receive enough requests from our members, we build out a new EP, guide, or program so the whole community can take advantage of it.

The Execution Plan

This is the crown jewel of The Cycling Arsenal. Think of an EP as a little online class, but one that gets you a step closer to the next level cyclist you aspire to be. All of our execution plans are set up to take you step by step in learning and improving a specific aspect of cycling performance. Check out this quick video to see how our EP’s work:


Private Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook group that you are free to ask questions on any time. You’ve got experienced, full time coaches at your fingertips. So stop wasting your precious training time scouring the web for answers. We are here to help! For a lot of our members, this is the biggest value of the whole community.