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6 Week Endurance Prep Strength Program

NEW! This program is now all VIDEO workouts! Just press play and follow along.

A training plan without strength work is like a bike without skewers…eventually the wheels will fall off.

If you are a masters age athlete, you CAN NOT afford to ignore strength work. It is the key to your longevity.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is it if you have no other strength training going on. This program is designed to help reactivate muscles that have shut down, increase range of motion, and get some general strength going so we can then begin to build absolute strength and mobility. This 6 week plan may need to be gone through twice depending on your starting point. Don’t rush building strength. Be VERY focused on form first.

Let’s do it!

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If you’d like to be guided through your strength training via interactive online sessions with our coaches, you can take advantage of a free month of our House of Pain Strength classes by following this link. As a CA member, you also get $10 off the monthly price using the code CABPCHOPS. This works for both the Tuesday/Friday morning LIVE  classes and the Unlimited package where you get access to all classes and recordings.