Cycling Arsenal

12 Weeks To Your First Metric Century

Follow this plan and you will get to the ride confident and ready to roll! This program assumes….you have a working bike and have been on it a few days a week.

1. Feel free to move the days around so that it works with your schedule.
2. This program was built to start on a Sunday since most larger events are on a Saturday. You may need to adjust your start date so it lines up.
3. In the early stages, go slightly lighter than you think you should. Primary focus is on the higher mileage weekend ride.
4. We have added some basic strength work. It is VERY important that you hit these workouts.
5. This is meant for a person that is just getting into cycling. If you have already been logging some good miles, you may want to check our other programs out. We have assumed everyone is training off perceived effort. Our other programs have options for power/hr zone specific work – which includes zone setting.
6. Listen to and follow the lighter weeks. That is when you get stronger…so don’t over do them!
7. Enjoy the process and have fun with this!

To access the plan, you must have a FREE TrainingPeaks Account. You don’t need a premium account, but this is a great tool to track your progress.

Once you are a TrainingPeaks user, attach this program to your account HERE and use the code arsenalmetric to get the plan for FREE!