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Here’s the deal…before the deal…we want you to be one of our success stories. We know the training on the site and our coaches are going to help you improve. But we also like to reward those who believe in and put their trust in us. We are not going to let you down. By committing to being one of the founding members of the Cycling Arsenal we are giving you the first month for $1, and then locking you in to only $19 per month (versus the $29 per month everyone else will be paying). That’s for everything. All the programs, the training, the weekly live question and answer sessions, the private Facebook group, everything!

That’s not $19 per month for the first X number of months. We aren’t a cable provider. That’s forever. As long as you will let us continue to help you on your cycling journey.

The catch! Of course there’s a catch. We can’t offer this deal to everyone and have no intention to ever run this deal again. But the only way to get the link to sign up and receive this pricing is to sign up below by December 30th, 2016.  We know your email address is coveted. It’s part of that trust deal. We hate spam too. But we are sending out early registration to our Founders List on December 31st, and then launching to everyone else on January 1st to kick things off with a bang!

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Until The Founders Deal Expires

From Folks Like You

“You guys have the ability to make people love the sport, love endurance sports and love training. So many think of training or being healthy as a “chore”. Y’all make it fun and interesting! It quickly becomes a lifestyle and quickly becomes fun!”
– Leigh Ruston, Arlington, TN

“Learning the basic pedal stroke mechanics was HUGE. I still use that today on rides. Who knew I was a toe pointer and have been pedaling that way for years!? Plus, the breathing exercises also helped! Then I also found I needed to lower my seat and have been riding with more comfort and power ever since. Thanks guys!”
– Anonymous Survey Taker, Parts Unknown

“I had not realized how many hours I use to spend during work and family time researching how to train, what to buy, what to eat, etc.. This year I trained more hours per week than I ever have and had my best year ever at work. Also my family life did not suffer because I didn’t have to spend time after work and on weekends researching and planning my workouts. But what was even more impressive was the fact that my overall quality of life increased as well. You can’t put a price on that!”
– Brooks Fowler, Germantown, TN

“Pure awesomeness! Definitely gotten faster and stronger as a result. Won my first road race :)”
– Miranda Melton, Germantown, TN