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Had a great chat with Josh Matthew – owner of Power Meter City – during our weekly coaches hour. Full replay at the bottom…

Just a heads up, we had some video problems with Josh’s feed – that’s NOT actually what Josh looks like.

So what all did we discuss?

I know I really enjoyed his 3 reasons for training with power:

    1. It is the best way to QUANTIFY your training stress. Power tells you exactly how much “work” you are doing over the course of a unit of time. That may be a minute, week, month, or year. So, was that actually a “rest” week, or did you do almost as much stress on your body as your “hard” week?
    2. Structured Intervals – No better way to get the most out of your intervals. You know immediately if you’re in the zone you want to be, unlike heart rate which has a delayed response.
      Plus, HR can be unreliable because it will read lower when you are fresh and higher when you are fatigued. We see this all the time. (We may need to do a little coaches hour just looking at training files to dive into this stuff a little more.
    3. Power can keep you honest – are your easy days are ACTUALLY easy? Remember, recovery is when the body rebuilds, adapts, and comes back STRONGER. Power meters can help keep you honest on recovery days.

Coach Dale and I added a couple other reasons of our own.

If you’re interested in a power meter, there is a LINK and 10% off DISCOUNT CODE on your dashboard as well.

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