Cycling Arsenal

Since you are on this webpage, we are going to assume two things. One, you got a vague black invite card or were told to check out (the coolest URL ever). Two, you are a dedicated cyclist, or at least you gave someone that impression.


On behalf of our coaching staff and the existing community members, we’d like to formally invite you to join us on The Cycling Arsenal. We won’t lie or lead you on, The Cycling Arsenal isn’t free, but it CAN and HAS helped folks like yourself get to the next level in their cycling journey.

What is The Cycling Arsenal? We are 2 things really.

  1. A Performance Enhancing Community – The Cycling Arsenal is made up of a number of full time industry professionals that have years of experience in all things cycling performance. Couple that with a growing membership of both new and experienced riders, and you have an unbeatable resource for improving all levels of cyclists.
  2. An Affordable Coaching Solution – Our initial goal was to come up with a system that could help riders of any level improve at a price anyone who can afford to own a bike can swing. We feel we’ve certainly accomplished just that.

The truth is the core content on the site took us over a year to create. But, it’s all laid out for you. A 5 Stage Success Path that transforms your riding piece by piece. Each stage is laid out step by step, and The Arsenal is constantly being refined and added to as the community tells us coaches what they want to improve.

Oh ya, there are training plans. Don’t panic. We know you were worried there for a second. We have several training plans to choose from and we are constantly developing new plans for specific goals. As a member, you get unlimited access to all of them. If you went to the TrainingPeaks store to buy one, you could be a community member for 3+ months for the average price of one of our programs. We get a nice check from TrainingPeaks every month for selling those plans to people who haven’t checked out The Cycling Arsenal yet. We don’t complain, but we’d rather you join and see all the extra value you get from being a member.

Maybe you’re thinking, “what if I have questions?” Glad you brought it up.

You get access to our team of coaches, and the rest of the community through our private Facebook Group. We also do a live video broadcast called Coaches Hour each week where we answer questions the members have about anything and everything cycling (and even some unrelated topics when we get off topic). These are always a blast. We love getting to talk to the community members AND we record everything so if you can’t make it, you can catch the recording. A lot of the members have said this is the biggest benefit of the whole membership. We’re flattered. We just like talkin’ bikes.

Ok ok ok…we won’t beat around the bush anymore. If you read this far you are probably saying “I wish he would just tell me what it costs so I can either jump on it or get on with my day”. Enough blabbin’

Since you got the black card, and we are assuming you are a dedicated cyclist, we’d like to let you try it out for the price of an 80mm stem tube. Wait, that makes it sound expensive. Whatever, it’s just $9 to try for a month. The price of tubes is outrageous these days. How about the price of a decent lunch? Just $9 either way.


If you decide to keep riding with us after the first month, it’s only $19 per month after that. We promise you won’t find this caliber of coaching for that price anywhere. That was the goal all along.

Oh, and you can cancel anytime. If we aren’t actually helping you improve, there is no point in sticking around. Unless you just like listening to our shenanigans. If you aren’t happy with The Cycling Arsenal in the first month, we will refund the $9 as well. Just tell us we stink and you want your money back. We have kids and don’t take much personally these days.

Our only request from you…

We don’t care what level you are starting from, but we are only looking for highly motivated cyclists right now. Thus the secretive cards and invite process. All “motivated” really means is you have the desire to improve and the willingness to be coached and do the work. You don’t just join and you get new legs delivered to your doorstep. If you are looking for the overnight fix, we aren’t sure you will get much out of the system. We have an awesome group of passionate people who make up the Cycling Arsenal community and it would be a smack in the face if the next group of folks who came in didn’t have the fire or desire to improve like they do. But if you landed here because you have the fire, we’d LOVE to have you!


P.S. The CA community knows we are starting to invite new folks and are waiting to welcome you to the party! If you got an invite from an active member, we’ll make sure to thank them!