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These are the first things we recommend you do to become more familiar with the site, and get the most out of your membership.

The Completion Level of Your Training.


Getting To Know You

Update All Personal Info

Don’t worry, we aren’t Big Brother, and we never share personal info, but make sure all of that stuff is up to date. Let us know more about you and be sure to fill out the extra info within your account details. You can do that HERE.


Join the Members Only Facebook Page

If you don’t use the ole Facebook, you can obviously always email us. But the members only group is going to be a great tool to get your questions answered fast, speak your mind on what you want to improve, and hopefully meet some new riding buddies!

Simply request to join the group HERE.

And if you haven’t yet, you can always LIKE our public page HERE. And if you are really awesome, you will share it with all your cycling friends.


Tell us a Little About Yourself

Once you are approved as a member of the group, head over and introduce yourself! Let us know the main reason you joined, and one main thing you presently want to improve.


Join Our Strava Group

Follow the link and join our Strava Club. We will be doing our own in-house challenges in the future.

Join CA Strava Club


Set a Filter so We Stay Out of Your SPAM Folder

Set a Filter

These days, the big email providers hate business email accounts. Yay. So to make sure you are getting all of our news and updates, add us to your safe list or create a filter so that no emails from our domain go to spam. This will depend on your email provider, but it can usually be done in your settings or as an option in your inbox.


Let Us Know What You Want to Learn

Get in Touch

Shoot an email to or go to the CA Member’s Only Facebook Page and let us know the top 3 things you hope to get out of being a part of the Cycling Arsenal community. We aim to please!

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